Kie Laurie Music

I was going to add this to “Just Have It, Okay?” but decided that I could probably finish this, so yeah, this is just a demo for now. You’ll probably get it free when it’s done anyway

Here’s the radio edit of Fortune for you, download it free!

Here’s an updated version of Fortune for you all! Inspired by Daft Punk - Get Lucky Feat. Nile Rodgers & Pharrell Williams

Here’s my brand new track Fortune! It’s in a disco-ish style, and was inspired by the new Daft Punk track ‘Get Lucky’ with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers

Check it out!

Full and final version of my track Harbour! Check it out if youre a fan of Hardwell or Nicky Romero. Im not sure on release for this, it may get released on an EP or album soon, if not i’ll put it as a free download for you

Art is still by Kylobe, brilliant artist, go check her out on her blog

Final master of my track Magyk! Hope you like it! If I get enough plays and comments then I shall give this away as a free download!

Art is by Andrew Hussie, from his web comic Homestuck, but if I release this then I shall get some art done especially!

New tune, very Burial-esque, hope you like. Download it now

New trap tune, Beer Belly. FREE DOWNLOAD. IF you like Harlem Shake, you’ll like this!

Her is a work iprogress version of my new remix, of Calvin Harris & Example’s We’ll Be Coming Back. There are two very distinct sections in this, with the steel pans and the Trap kick, but i think they come together well